The Housing Partnership Network is a collective  representing nonprofit housing developers, owners and financial institutions throughout the United States. Their mission is to help people gain access to affordable homes and build communities that offer economic opportunity and an enhanced quality of life.  If you see a piece branded something other than HPN it would be one of the “social enterprises” they have developed to support and extend their networks mission into more specialized areas of affordable housing and community development.

From 2010 to 2017,  I  worked closely with the Vice President of Marketing and Communications to imagine, oversee and create a wide array of communications. In this period of rapid growth I developed campaigns of conference materials, signage, slide presentations and a myriad of printed communications.


Website and support graphics

I consulted on the organization of the website— developing and redesigning specific content areas, creating info-graphics, and keeping news, press coverage and staff pages up-to-date.

website (2016)
website (2013)


HPN intranet sitemap and mock-ups

I consulted on and  reorganized the interface to their vast intranet bulletin board (developed with Sixtent).

home page
interior page
Housing Partnership Network publications

The logo and website were established before my freelance partnership began with HPN began. I did however give it a polish working within the parameters to not change the colors and preserve the overall form (which had established brand recognition). In response I updated the font choice and added a bevel to the accompanying clover icon.  I created a simple style guide to describe proper placement of the logo art and tagline, color, and other pertinent specifications, to share with outside media outlets and third-party vendors.

HPN Style Guide

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